Hôtel Marengo

Hotel Marengo,
A Mediterranean hotel-villa in the heart of Ajaccio

The Hotel Marengo is a Mediterranean villa located in a quiet area of Ajaccio in the heart of Ajaccio. which the street owes its name. If you are at looking for a hotel in; Ajaccio near the sea and the historic center, our establishment offers you this double proximity.

 It’s a town house, with authentic charm, in symbiosis with a welcoming, strong and unique culture. It combines a relaxed and exclusive atmosphere, excellent breakfasts with Corsican flavours, welcoming staff, a green setting, in a quiet street in a lively district. The perfect geographical location of the Hotel Marengo and its particular charm make this establishment a reliable address in this Corsican coastal town.

TheHotel Marengo, live the Ajaccio experience!

An invitation to; relaxation

The Hotel Marengo is a real invitation to experience; relaxation. Here, there reigns a gentle way of life that is as endearing as it is unique. A Mediterranean way of life resulting in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, punctuated by works and decorative objects combining Corsican tradition and passion for art . Delicate attentions at all times, a range of pragmatic initiatives to surprise each guest, favoring intimacy, romance and well-being. Staying at thisromantic hotel in Ajaccio means living   an authentic experience!


Romantic stopover, for a pure nature stay

Our hotel in; Ajaccio near the city center has an authentic charm in astonishing communion with nature.

 Overlooking a green terrace as well as a direct access to the outside, our rooms allow you to easily reconnect with the environment. At any time of the day, you can enjoy a swim or a walk in the water. walk as a couple, with family or friends on the Trottel beach. With a little organization, you can also make beautiful hikes on the entire of the ridges or even enjoy a panoramic view of the Gulf of Ajaccio from the heights of the city which are at agrave; a few hundred meters from the Hotel Marengo. Note that various sea excursions are also available to you. you from the Gulf of Ajaccio towards the Iles Sanguinaires, Bonifacio and the Scandola nature reserve.

Émoving reconnection with the fauna and flora, you experience a total change of scenery in this extraordinary environment!


Hotel Marengo, the starting point for regaining your freedom

Take pleasure in discovering Ajaccio in all its facets and at your own pace in a pure moment of emotions

Staying in this warm hotel in Ajaccio is the promise of a beautiful getaway where all your senses are awakened. Such an invitation to recharge your batteries, discover, meditate, live at your own pace, indulge in idleness, satisfy your cultural curiosity or divert it towards other discoveries (nightlife, gastronomy, local encounters). In this part of the city of Ajaccio, you will discover sumptuous and virgin landscapes, through numerous activities and getaways at sea or on land, always offered by local service providers to make the most of these discoveries.

Renew your vital energy

Opting for the Marengo hotel means living a great experience. Relax and release your anxiety. Treat yourself, think about your well-being and treat yourself to a stay in this privileged environment.
On the quiet beach of Trottel and those along the Route des Iles Sanguinaires still in Ajaccio, enjoy the breathtaking views of the lush vegetation of the surrounding mountains and the Mediterranean. Feel the peace and serenity released by the latter. Take a dip in the sea and let the sea lighten the mental weight of all your worries.


2, rue Marengo,
20000 Ajaccio

+33 (0)4 95 21 43 66
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